The Final Detroit Post... for this year!

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Well it has come to this, the final post of my Detroit series for 2011. It only took about 5 months but I have made it! From shoot to post did seem to take an exorbitant amount of time, normally I do not let shoots go that long before I finalize them. Detroit however was different.
I really wanted to make the Detroit series stand out. It was the first major photography dedicated trip I had ever been on, it was out of the country, and frankly right out of my element. When we first got our camera I was immediately attracted to capturing the beauty of flowers. They have a certain innocence to them, yet they are so vibrant and full of life. I think what attracts me to them is they replicate the human life in so many ways, where you can see their entire life cycle over the course of one year.
I knew Detroit was going to be different though. I had never really taken pictures of buildings, let alone abandoned buildings. I did very little research prior to the trip, mainly because I wanted to bring my own style, see frames that I wanted to capture. I didn’t want to be spoiled by what was on Flickr or any of those other sites and end up capturing the same images as all the photog’s before me had.
But once we got back from Detroit, I knew photography for me had changed. I had started to see things in a different fashion. I explored with the concept of HDR while in Detroit. Not all of my pictures that used HDR turned out great, but I definitely learned something from it, and know where I want to take it in the future.

People have told me that these photos from Detroit don’t look real. Like some how they are a distorted reality, well we live in a distorted world don’t we? What I felt in these buildings while I was there was a sense of loneliness (well duh, it’s abandonded!) but it’s more than that, really it’s a sense of isolation. When we were inside the Packard building, it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist. I really tried to put that into the pictures and convey a different message.

Making this trip has really defined a sense of style I want to put into my photo’s. Where I go from here is going to be the next step. I need to expand on the style and fine tune each frame to get it to a level that will satisfy my inner craving to keep getting better.
I hope that you enjoyed all my frames from Detroit. It was a trip of a life time and it took just about as long to get the pictures all posted for you to see. We have plans to visit Detroit again next year so this time I will know to do my research before hand!