The Morning I Wasn't Feeling So Hot

The morning of our Detroit trip I felt absolutely terrible! I had the worst stomach ache and it even caused me to cut our one location short so that I could make an emergency pit stop, sorry guys! We ended up going to this little organic coffee shop just down the street from the old Cass Tech highschool (which is now demolished and you can see the vids on YouTube), so that we could get a bite to eat and for me make a second emergency pit stop. I managed to eat this breakfast sandwich which was absolutely amazing and it had some horseradish on it which tasted delicious, but did not help my stomach one bit! I seen this sign on a building on the corner of the street and though it looked pretty cool, kinda retro, but I really wasn’t in the mood to walk over there and shoot it, I really just wanted to go back and sit in the van. Knowing that I was probably only ever going to be at this spot once in my life, I forced myself out of the van and took the shot. This ended up being one of my favourites from the whole trip, I love how the clouds just popped in this and I didn’t even notice the little smoke stacks in the corner when I shot the frame, but now that I look back it provides a nice Detroit feel to the overall scene. Lesson learned: even when you aren’t feeling the best, you gotta make do and push forward, you never know what might surprise you!