Vehicles of the Pack

The name Packard for most people will bring up images of classic vehicles that maybe they drove when they were younger, or maybe their father or grandfather had drove at one point. Back in the day the Packard was class, they were the middle class luxury car of the period. My family has been involved with cars, for what feels like ever since they were invented. I’ve never had the chance to have a ride in a Packard, but hearing that name brings up childhood memories of the stories my grandfather used to tell me. When my buddy Brian approached me a while back about a trip to Detroit that Packard plant was a must visit location. This place is absolutely ginormous. Its over 40 acres of just abandonment, still owned by Ford and no plans for any development. From what I have heard there is so much environmental issues with the soil, its cheaper for Ford to let the land sit as is than to redevelop it.
The Packard plant was our last stop of the day, and after seeing the first buildings I knew the scrappers would have already had a hay-day with this location, since it’s been abandoned for like 40 years. I was hoping to see an old car left over from the days of production, but wasn’t giving my hopes up! What I didn’t expect to see was a ton of other types of vehicles that were left in the building.
How these vehicles got here is way beyond me! I know there is a ramp that was used during the production process at one point to move the cars up to different levels, but it had a hole through the cement about 10 feet across so there was no way a vehicle could get past that point. The types of vehicles present in the building was the other thing that blew my mind. As you can see there was a boat, there was a few other boats, but I wasn’t able to get a good shot of those, there was a delivery truck and also a flatbed truck. Now this is just what we seen in the small section of the building we covered, who knows what else exists in there!
Now I have to admit, once I seen these vehicles that were left behind, I fell in love with them. They were so eclectic, and had such great colors from various graffiti artists. The flat bed truck was used as a paintball target, so it was basically covered in green and blue paint. The delivery truck on the other hand looks like it has seen better days. It certainly looks like it has been there for some time as it has been rusted out to no end. We ended up doing a group shot inside the delivery truck, so I decided to walk into the back cabin part of it, I don’t even want to describe what that looked like!
Being in this building was pretty magical! I have a ton more photo’s to share which will be coming up over the next couple weeks, but for now I will just share one more unedited shot of a couple photog’s I was with during the day.
Hope you enjoy!