I'm Back! With New Images from Darnley Grist Mill!

Well folks, unfortunately life got in the way the past little while and I haven’t posted anything new in a little while!  Started a new job, so that is keeping my extremely busy, and in other news we just bought our first house!  After months of searching we found ‘the one’.  I had some shots sitting around on my computer that I know I haven’t posted yet, so I’m going to start a little series on the Darnley Grist Mill, just outside of Hamilton to display these shots!  The first image here is an outside wall of the Mill, and the inspiration for this image came from one of my friends who said some of my images could be used in video games.  Recently picking up Halo again, this toning kind of reminded me of that game!  This one’s for you Mike P (BTW check out his band page here!)

A collapsing wall at the Darnley Grist Mill

Basement of Darnley Grist Mill, Hamilton

Ruins at Darnley Grist Mill, Hamilton