Visit to the Toronto Zoo

Took a day off work and visited the Toronto Zoo out in Scarborough a few weeks back.  I always love visiting the zoo, but never seem to do it as often as we should.  Every time I go, I always have to think back to when I visited for the first time during a grade 8 graduation trip.

Hippo in the water at Toronto Zoo

Things certainly have changed since 1998, but it's still a very entertaining place to visit!  Emma really loved getting up close to the animals, even got to see her favorite giraffe's up nice and close.  And, from a dad's perspective, it was pretty cool seeing her eye's light up like that! 

Momma and baby giraffe enjoying the sun

Two love birds going in for a kiss

One of the once in a lifetime things to visit at the zoo is the new Panda exhibit.  It's pretty cool to see these animals up close, but let me tell you they don't move much (other than their mouths).  These two basically just sit and eat crazy amounts of bamboo all day, but I'd probably do the same if someone keep serving me like that!  

All in all it was a great day, and Emma got a nice little panda stuffy to bring home to remember the trip by, and we are certainly looking forward to making this more of a tradition in the years to come! 

Distillery District Door No. 17

toronto distillery district door #17

Had a great walk through the Toronto Distillery District one morning and came across this door. The contrasting green colors really stuck out for me.  I love the old time feel of the Distillery District, it will have to be a destination to visit again!

American Gothic

American gothic type graffiti

I captured this one on a recent trip downtown, and I have no idea why but as soon as I walked passed this garage door it screamed American Gothic. That painting has such a history, and this grafitti couple somehow sparked that in me and reminded me so much of that painting.