The Big Nickel!

Wow, I can't even remember the last time I was at the Big Nickel.  It was literally decades ago!  It was great to get up there early in the morning after a great day exploring Burwash, and spend some time with some friends doing the touristy stuff.  One great thing about getting up and going early... less people (or in our case: NO PEOPLE!) 

Larry underneath the Nickel

Gorgeous morning sunrise with the reflection of the Nickel in the water

Nickel reflection

Sunset at Rattlesnake Point

The night before our Burwash adventure, Wes and I decided to sneak up to Rattlesnake Point for some sunset shooting.  I always love shooting the sunsets, and Rattlesnake Point offers some great views from atop the escarpment to shoot from.

Sunset at Rattlesnake Point, Milton

The Squire Family Portrait Session

i have to admit, i don't get the chance to shoot portraits often, but when my sister came to me asking me to make memories of her family i couldn't turn it down!  She has some of the cutest kids out there (i'm only slightly biased being their uncle and all), but they have great energy and were able to put up with me taking pictures of them for an hour!  We originally planned to do the photo shoot over Thanksgiving weekend, but we had to delay due to weather.  on a side note, this fall has been pretty stinky for weather i must say!  anyway,  i think we might try something again in the dead of winter or early spring when the weather will cooperate a little more.  Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot, could there be a better time to shoot than fall?  i think not!

Squire Family

The Squire girls

The Squire gentlemen