Star Trails Attempt

I attended my friend AJ's bachelor party back near the end of August, and he is part of this hunt camp way up north of Bancroft.  I knew immediately that I was going to be doing a star trail shot when I got there, because the lack of ground light would make perfect conditions.  I don't get to shoot star trails a lot (only second time) and I learnt a couple things on this shoot (like setup before it gets dark so you can actually focus on something!  This shot is 150 images merged together, I would have liked to do at least 3x that, but lets say alcohol got in the way and it was wise to end it where I did!

Star Trails, Bancroft, Ontario

Happy Canada Day!

It's a little late, but finally getting around to Canada Day pictures!  Michelle and I had a great evening at the Milton Fairgrounds watching the fireworks and other festivities that were taking place.  Next year I think we will walk from home though, by the time we found a place to park we were basically the same distance away!  Anyways here is my favorite shot from the fireworks, hope you enjoy!

Fireworks at Milton Fairgrounds

American Gothic

American gothic type graffiti

I captured this one on a recent trip downtown, and I have no idea why but as soon as I walked passed this garage door it screamed American Gothic. That painting has such a history, and this grafitti couple somehow sparked that in me and reminded me so much of that painting.