The Big Nickel!

Wow, I can't even remember the last time I was at the Big Nickel.  It was literally decades ago!  It was great to get up there early in the morning after a great day exploring Burwash, and spend some time with some friends doing the touristy stuff.  One great thing about getting up and going early... less people (or in our case: NO PEOPLE!) 

Larry underneath the Nickel

Gorgeous morning sunrise with the reflection of the Nickel in the water

Nickel reflection

The Darnley Grist Mill

So I have posted a couple pictures already showing some small sections of the Darnley Grist Mill, but I have yet to show ‘the whole picture.‘  The image below is literally the entire building (as I mentioned in the last post, I would use that term loosely).  The building was very, very small, but getting there early in the morning meant that I could capture the sunrise, and still move around to many different positions before the sun was all the way up!  This image was one of my favorites, you can’t see the sun, but you can see the way its lighting all the leaves on the tree’s.  I thought the yellow and gold color was just gorgeous, cause most mornings I get to see are so blue and dull in my opinion!  I also added a glowing filter, which gives the image a dreamy kind of effect to it, I’ll be starting a before and after series on the blog pretty soon which will show that effect.  Anyway hope you like!

Darnley Grist Mill, a portion of the building that is still remaining

Looking Through the Window at the Darnley Grist Mill

Here’s another shot from the Darnley Grist Mill.  I really loved this place, although it was probably one of the smallest abandoned places I’ve ever been to!  I was hesitant on calling this a building, since there isn’t even a roof and there are only a couple walls left standing!  But this certainly sets the record for the oldest abandoned place I’ve been to!  This building dates back to 1823, I couldn’t even imagine how many generations have come and gone and this building still standing!  I choose to share this shot because windows always speak to me for some reason… if you have followed my work for a little while, you will notice that I love to get windows in my shots!  I don’t know what it is about them, the mystery I guess of the people who have looked out this same very window 100’s of years ago…

An old stone window in the back room of the Darnley Grist Mill