Detroit's Eastern Market

I gotta tell you I love markets, and when I heard about going to Detroit's Eastern Market, I was pretty stoked!  There is something about getting farm fresh/artisan food that just sets your taste buds a blaze with amazingness.  This trip to the market came kind of spur of the moment, we wrapped up with a trip to the Fisher Body Plant 21 building a little early (more to come on that!), and Brian suggested we check this place out since he had been there the year previous.

When we arrived I was totally blown away!  I kind of pictured a place similar to the St. Lawrence market but this place was completely different!  It was much larger, I would have to say like 3 times larger, which just makes it that much more awesome for photographic opportunities.  It had another cool feel about it because it was mostly outdoors, where the St. Lawrence gets pretty stuffy inside those closed walls. 

Peaches at Eastern Market, Detroit

I knew once I got there I wanted to practice some of the techniques I learnt while taking a Tara Lilly workshop last year, shoot completely manual.  I wanted to kick it up a notch though, not only manual exposure, but manual focus!  Let me tell you, that was a major challenge!  It was a great experience, and one I think I need to do more often.  It really got the creative juices flowing, the only thing was I'm a bit slow with it.  I think if it was just manual exposure I would have been able to shoot faster, but I'm sure it will come with more practice!  Hope you enjoy! 

The best of all veggies broccoli at Eastern Market, Detroit

Cabbage of all colors at Eastern Market, Detroit

Mmm fresh corn on the cob at Eastern Market, Detroit