Izzit Print Review

Ambassador bridge sunset

UPDATE: to all the readers of the blog you know that I started this blog to showcase some of my favorite work, but over time I wanted to take this blog to cover all things photography, and include some reviews of companies I’ve used and books I’ve read (some of those will be coming soon!).   The original post about the Izzit Print company is below, and I thought I would keep it around so people can see what I did go through initially.  A gentleman from Izzit Print actually came across this post a little while back and e-mailed me offering apologies for the issues that I mentioned below.  They did make it up to me by offering a replacement print (which I had this one printed up), and I do owe it to Izzit Print to offer another review.  The print came super fast this time, and the customer service was amazing!  I really have to thank Marc and his team for offering to fix the situation and offering me the new print.  I now have the print hanging up in my living room and have received numerous comments about how awesome it looks!  Thanks Izzit Print!! 

Well folks, let me tell ya I have been lagging on the blog front lately! Tons of things have been going on recently, shooting a wedding, a hockey tournament, an outing in Algonquin Park, all of which I haven’t even had a chance to finalize editing yet! Work has been going crazy as well, so I am way behind on all of this stuff. But I recently ordered a canvas print and thought I would share the experience with you.

I subscribe to Wag Jag, one of those online daily deal sites, and came across this wicked deal for a 12“x36” panoramic sized canvas photo print for only $59.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is a crazy good deal, so I bought 1, but thought about buying a few more.  Around the same time I attended a editing workshop and came out with the photo you see above, and I was like PERFECT! I just bought a pano canvas print, and I have a great image.  I ordered it immediately from Izzit Print, but I should have noticed the red flag immediately. 

Once you go to purchase an item on the Izzit Print site it makes you register as a user, not a problem for me as that’s pretty standard.  The problem came when I used my credit card to pay for the shipping and get an order confirmation, but try to log-in the next day and it says my account doesn’t exist.  Well, I thought it was a glitch, so I just left it for about 2 weeks as that’s how long it said the order will take to process.  2 weeks came around and no contact has been made by Izzit Print, so I decided to email their help line.  Luckily, they responded really fast, but the e-mail seemed really generic, basically stating orders take 1-2 weeks to process… duh! I already waited 2 weeks.  Anyways I decided to give it another 2 weeks just in case this company was overloaded with all the Wag Jag offers they were getting redeemed. 

Those 2 weeks expired and I had to send another email.  This time it took a bit longer for them to email, but it seemed like it was more of a personalized email stating that it would ship within the week, and I would receive a tracking number when it does.  Well the tracking number never showed up, but the print finally did a week and a half later. 

The next thing that kinda disappointed me, was spending all this money on a professional canvas print, and they didn’t even bother to put any hanging hardware on it!  Now I have this print that I can’t do anything with until I get some hardware installed. 

This has been such a frustrating experience that I will never order from this company again.  I have used other companies to order canvas prints before, and the speed, the quality, and the inclusion of hanging hardware is why I will be going back to them…