Glass Water

Algonquin Park March 25, 2012

Another image from Algonquin Park, this image doesn’t spark any emotion with me like other images do, but the amazing “stillness” of the water I thought deemed this post-worthy. The reflection is near perfect and the only thing that disturbs it is the little cut off tree stump!

Distillery District Door No. 17

toronto distillery district door #17

Had a great walk through the Toronto Distillery District one morning and came across this door. The contrasting green colors really stuck out for me.  I love the old time feel of the Distillery District, it will have to be a destination to visit again!

American Gothic

American gothic type graffiti

I captured this one on a recent trip downtown, and I have no idea why but as soon as I walked passed this garage door it screamed American Gothic. That painting has such a history, and this grafitti couple somehow sparked that in me and reminded me so much of that painting.