A Day at the Races

Had the pleasure of spending the day at the races with my father-in-law Paul, out at Flamborough.  The CanAm Midget's happened to be racing that day, and Paul just happens to be an ex-racer in the club, but still heavily involved in running the photography, and building parts for cars! 

Stahle going hard into the corner

This day, unfortunately started the demise of my Nikon D300.  We were just watching the cars practice and run some heat laps, when my camera decided to blow a shutter blade, not a good thing!  So I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures while we were out that day, but it was still fun being able to watch the feature's and meet a lot of great people! 

Heat race getting pretty hot!

Classic Car Emblems

I love old cars with a passion!  I honestly don't know much about them, but I do love going to car shows, and always had a dream of owning a classic someday!  We were at the Zurich Bean Festival, which has one of the best classic I know of, and I really wanted to document some of the details of these beauties.  Here are a few classic emblems which I thought were great, sorry most are Ford, I really do favor their classics above the rest!

Classic red Mustang logo

Side step for a classic Ford truck

meep meep, do I need to say more?

Classic Ford logo again!

What a beauty this was, a great REO Motor Car

McLeans Auto-wreckers

Who doesn't love old cars?!  I grew up in a car family, and I remember hearing my dad and grandpa talk about old car stories all the time.  It's those memories that people live for.  Someday I'd love to own an old car (maybe a Chevelle SS), but I think I'd really like an old truck!  There is something about old trucks that really spark emotion, they are what the industrial world was built on!  It was this cyclical nature of building trucks to build factories, and factories to build trucks that made the economy go 'round for decades.

Ford Big Job, McLean's Auto Wreckers

The photo group had the pleasure of heading out to McLean's Auto-wreckers back in August.  McLean's is basically an abandoned junk yard, but the cool part is, is that it's mostly old vehicles!  It's like a place that is just lost in time.  Although there does seem to have been some recent activity around there (grass is still surprisingly cut), the inventory is just full of treasures.  We spent the better part of 5 hours in this place, and I know we didn't even make a dent in the property.  This place is certainly worth a revisit down the road!

Car being taken over by nature, McLean's Auto Wreckers

Rusty door handle, McLean's Auto Wreckers

The ol' Buick Skylark, McLean's Auto Wreckers

One of the oldest cars in the yard, McLean's Auto Wreckers