Stormy Day at Tews Falls

Captured this image at Tews Falls park just outside of Hamilton. We left the park just before it started to get nasty, but these are the perfect time to capture some images! I love big clouds, as scary as they are, they add a lot of drama and just make an image complete!

Stone bridge at Tews Falls Conservation Area

Tews Falls

Windsor Sunset

Ambassador Bridge at sunset

I was having the conversation with my wife and mother-in-law the other day about art. Art seems to be one of those things where there is no right or wrong, some people may like it, some may not. To me that is what makes art so great! There are an infinite amount of possibilities out there to please people, but it is up to the viewer to decide if they like it or not. This picture of the Ambassador Bridge was taken a while back on our trip to Detroit. Honestly for me, I don’t like much of the work I have created, but in a way I think I’m just extremely hard on myself forcing me to continuously improve to something I can live with. This picture isn’t one of my favorites, but it really spoke to me, there was something about the colors in the sky that night. I think another reason I really like this image was it represented some new beginnings, new adventures and new friends. The Detroit trip was an event of a life time and this picture to me just summed up the whole weekend.  I have a very hard time deciding which of my pictures I am going to show the public so I really rely on my wife’s input and this is one of her favorites from that weekend.  I’m glad she liked it, so that I could share it with all of you!