Glass Water

Algonquin Park March 25, 2012

Another image from Algonquin Park, this image doesn’t spark any emotion with me like other images do, but the amazing “stillness” of the water I thought deemed this post-worthy. The reflection is near perfect and the only thing that disturbs it is the little cut off tree stump!

Algonquin Waterfalls

I’ve been on an Algonquin Park posting frenzy as of late… Finally got around to editing pictures from this past spring when I was up there. Been crazy busy with other things, and the Algonquin pictures just kinda sat on the back burner for a little while. The one thing that didn’t bother me about this, is that I got to look at them after so long and surprise myself with what I had taken! These two images were captured on the side of the road, where a lake was running off from the spring melt down into a ditch. I don’t have a neutral density filter or any special gizmo’s so I had to go with the slowest shutter speed I could! Hope you guys like!

Algonquin Park waterfall with spring melt water coming down in late March

Algonquin Park spring melt waterfall in late March

Brian shooting the spring thaw, Algonquin Park

Testing some Black and White

I have this love hate relationship with black and white photography. I seem to go through these phases where I need to process everything in black and white, and then I’ll go through phases where I don’t even want to go near the stuff! I came across this root structure in Algonquin back in the spring, the color version didn’t look so great because the roots blended into the rocks to much. The black and white is OK in my opinion but still there is something missing from this picture and I don’t know what it is! I have a lot to learn before I master black and white, but for now I’m in a phase where I like to play with it!

Tree root system growing into rocks at Algonquin Park overlooking melting ice.