The 15th Picture

Michigan central station exit

After the Detroit trip wrapped up, my buddy Brian decided he wanted to put a book together with 15 images from each photographer. I thought this was a great idea, until I sat down and started to review which pictures I was going to include. I was able to get to 13 pretty easily, but I wanted to make sure I got an even amount of images from all the locations we visited that day, and there was one location I completely did not even edit! I wrote a post a few days back about being sick the morning of the trip, well that first location we were at was Michigan Central Station. We had to take pictures around the outside of the building as its protected by the Department of Homeland Security and I didn’t want to risk being labelled as a terrorist by entering the place.  Needless to say, I felt terrible, the weather was damp and cold causing my lens to fog up about as fast as I could wipe it off. As I was looking back through the images this was the only one that turned out somewhat sharp and not all hazy from the fog, so I decided what the hey I will edit it. It turns out that it’s probably one of my favourite images from the whole trip! If Brian had only asked for 10, this picture would have never existed, so now I’m happy he asked for 15!