Up in Smoke

Fine art smoke dark/multi-color

Well, it’s been a little time since I have made a blog post. Things in life have been keeping me really busy! Work has been pretty crazy these days so I haven’t had much time to get around to shooting but this weekend I made a promise to myself to get something out of my camera! I had seen some smoke images done by a few people in the past, and always thought it would be something cool to try, especially in the middle of winter, since I can stay inside! Well to be honest it was quite a lot of work, having to create reflectors and black screens to take away light but I think I have a decent setup to help me perfect this in the future.

Fine art smoke light/green

King City Trail Walk

king city Trail Walk

Yesterday morning I went out to a lake and bird sanctuary just north of King City with the purpose of trying to shoot some birds to add to my collection. I had everything set up, had the big lens on the camera, drove out of town and got to the trail. It was pretty early in the morning, around 8am, the trail was absolutely drenched and muddy, but I really wanted to see some birds so I pressed forward. I got to the area where the birds usually are and low and behold there isn’t a single one around! I waited for a good hour or so, quietly and patiently to see if any would come, but all that came by were a couple joggers. Crap! I thought, what a waste of a morning. As I started to walk back I looked down and seen the picture above. It had this great golden light coming through the leaves so I knelt down and captured it. All in all, it was still a good day and was able to capture a couple pictures, and I learnt one of the most valuable lessons in photography: you have to roll with the punches.