A Day at the Races

Had the pleasure of spending the day at the races with my father-in-law Paul, out at Flamborough.  The CanAm Midget's happened to be racing that day, and Paul just happens to be an ex-racer in the club, but still heavily involved in running the photography, and building parts for cars! 

Stahle going hard into the corner

This day, unfortunately started the demise of my Nikon D300.  We were just watching the cars practice and run some heat laps, when my camera decided to blow a shutter blade, not a good thing!  So I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures while we were out that day, but it was still fun being able to watch the feature's and meet a lot of great people! 

Heat race getting pretty hot!

Belle River Sunsplash!

Better late than never I always say!  Took these shots back in July when Brian and I made a trip to Windsor/Detroit to get our urbex fix in for the summer.  I think we were both getting a little shaky from the withdrawals but we managed to survive to make it down! 

Belle River Sunsplash 2013

Me being me, always unprepared, decided to leave my nice 70-300 long lens at home because why carry around such a heavy weight item when we are going to be indoors all day and NOT SHOOTING SPORTS!!  Well I guess Murphy got the best of me on this trip because as soon as we arrived, our friend Ted was like "hey want to go shoot some jet ski's tomorrow?"  great...  

Belle River Sunsplash 2013

Lucky for me Ted is the manager of the local Henry's store, so he hooked me up for an afternoon! :)  If I recall correctly, this was the first annual Sunsplash in Belle River, but let me tell you it was a blast!  I didn't know jet ski's could move like this, but I enjoyed every minute of the photography... and getting a little wet.