The Squire Family Portrait Session

i have to admit, i don't get the chance to shoot portraits often, but when my sister came to me asking me to make memories of her family i couldn't turn it down!  She has some of the cutest kids out there (i'm only slightly biased being their uncle and all), but they have great energy and were able to put up with me taking pictures of them for an hour!  We originally planned to do the photo shoot over Thanksgiving weekend, but we had to delay due to weather.  on a side note, this fall has been pretty stinky for weather i must say!  anyway,  i think we might try something again in the dead of winter or early spring when the weather will cooperate a little more.  Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot, could there be a better time to shoot than fall?  i think not!

Squire Family

The Squire girls

The Squire gentlemen

Atlanta Sunset

Got the privilege of going to Atlanta for a couple nights to attend a conference.  Luckily I know a few people down there, and one of my old friends took me around town to see all the sites.  Perfect timing for us, the sun was setting and we pulled into a multilevel parking garage so we could get a high vantage point.  This section of Atlanta is the new upcoming neighbourhood and it was a great spot to get a pint (or three!)  Anyways, I owe this one to you Gari!

Sunset, Atlanta

Hey! That's me!

Becker Family!

Had the great pleasure or meeting up with my Aunt, Uncle, and a bunch of my cousins a little while ago for a family photo shoot. It was a great opportunity cause I haven’t had a chance to catch up with them in a long time! And it was great to meet some of the new additions to the family! We met in Grand Bend, first at an old barn which had some great textures and colors to use as a backdrop, then we moved down to the beach. Nothing beats a Grand Bend beach sunset, absolutely gorgeous! Anyways here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening! Hope you enjoy!

Family feet in the lake at Grand Bend beach

So glad they came up with this idea! Such a cute family portrait!

The ones that started it all!

The whole family.

The grandies!