Classic Car Emblems

I love old cars with a passion!  I honestly don't know much about them, but I do love going to car shows, and always had a dream of owning a classic someday!  We were at the Zurich Bean Festival, which has one of the best classic I know of, and I really wanted to document some of the details of these beauties.  Here are a few classic emblems which I thought were great, sorry most are Ford, I really do favor their classics above the rest!

Classic red Mustang logo

Side step for a classic Ford truck

meep meep, do I need to say more?

Classic Ford logo again!

What a beauty this was, a great REO Motor Car

Jack's Journey

My friend Zac approached me about donating a print in support of one of his colleagues whose son has Hunter Syndrome. To be honest, I'd never heard of this before, but after doing a little research on the subject it is something very serious and very rare at the same time. Once I heard about Jack, the little boy with the disease, I felt immediately compelled to help them out! You can see Jack here, and help out too if you would like. Jack seems like a fighter from what I've read on their blog, so hoping the event that is raising some funds for his treatment will help him fight a little harder and a little longer!

Jack's Journey - Sep 20, 2013 08.53.13.jpg

Happy Canada Day!

It's a little late, but finally getting around to Canada Day pictures!  Michelle and I had a great evening at the Milton Fairgrounds watching the fireworks and other festivities that were taking place.  Next year I think we will walk from home though, by the time we found a place to park we were basically the same distance away!  Anyways here is my favorite shot from the fireworks, hope you enjoy!

Fireworks at Milton Fairgrounds