The Day I Lost My Camera - World Wide Photo Walk

Wow, what a gorgeous day we had here once again for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk.  I joined the crew in Hamilton for the second time in as many years to visit Buttermilk Falls and Albion Falls.  The walk through the forest takes you along a gorgeous little river with a few small cascades, and then winds its way up through a steep embankment to the bottom of Buttermilk.   

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

This year however was different than the last!  I was joined by my father-in-law Paul, who is also an avid shooter, although he mainly focuses in auto racing.  It was a great time to get out and spend some time catching up with him.  When you get into forestry like this, and captivated by such beautiful waterfalls, you completely forget that you are in the middle of Hamilton, which makes for an excellent little day trip!

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

One of the other things that was a little different than last year as well, was that my camera unfortunately became a victim of Potamophobia (use the Google... I did), and was so scared that it gave up the ghost and has been retired to Nikon heaven (shh.. it's still on my shelf with all my other camera relics). There were however a few lessons learned from this event.

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

  1. Get a sturdy tri-pod.  I do like to think my tri-pod is fairly sturdy, but I think eventually it will be due for an upgrade.  If you are contemplating buying a tri-pod for the first time, go way stronger than you think you need!
  2. Have insurance. I do not have insurance on my gear currently, and learnt the hard way.  I do know it was covered under my home insurance, but then you have to pay the $1,000 deductible and deal with your house insurance going up for the rest of your life.  When I go after a new camera, I will get a separate policy just to cover my gear.
  3. Really watch your gear around water. Even if  you have all the coverage and you think you are set, really watch your gear, or get someone else to watch your gear.  Accidents happen.
  4. Life moves on.  I know camera's are expensive, but they can be replaced!  Just be happy that you are OK, and you can still spend time with the loved ones.  I know it sounds cheesy, but really that is why us photographers do what we do.  We go into situations like this risking our gear to get the shot.  Camera's can be replaced, photographers can't.

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

So unfortunately, I was only able to capture a little bit of Buttermilk, and  the cascades surrounding it, but had to take some mental pictures of Albion this year.  If you want to see Albion, you can look at last year's photo walks pictures here.   As for next year, they may have to excuse me if I pick another World Wide Photo Walk to attend.

World Wide Photo Walk 2014

The Big Nickel!

Wow, I can't even remember the last time I was at the Big Nickel.  It was literally decades ago!  It was great to get up there early in the morning after a great day exploring Burwash, and spend some time with some friends doing the touristy stuff.  One great thing about getting up and going early... less people (or in our case: NO PEOPLE!) 

Larry underneath the Nickel

Gorgeous morning sunrise with the reflection of the Nickel in the water

Nickel reflection

Sunset at Rattlesnake Point

The night before our Burwash adventure, Wes and I decided to sneak up to Rattlesnake Point for some sunset shooting.  I always love shooting the sunsets, and Rattlesnake Point offers some great views from atop the escarpment to shoot from.

Sunset at Rattlesnake Point, Milton