About Me (Yes Really Me!)

about Chris Hagle headshot

I'm not the best at writing these things so i thought i would just jot down some of the most random facts about me

  1. Nicknames I've had in the past: Bean, Schmagle, Hagle, Bagel's, Crap head (i have a great aunt!)
  2. Places I've lived: Dashwood, Goderich, Peterborough, Toronto, Georgina, King City, Milton
  3. Some major cities I've visited: San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Baltimore, Buffalo, Denver, Punta Cana, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles
  4. Most random roadside attraction I've visited: KFC Headquarters in Kentucky to see the colonel statue! 
  5. Longest road trip: 26 hours to New Orleans, let's just say I won't be breaking that record ever... 
  6. How I got into photography: Stole my friend AJ's camera for a weekend... I think he got the hint, so our wedding party bought us a camera! 
  7. Biggest photography inspirations: Scott Kelby,  Joe McNally, Jared Polin
  8. The two places on my bucket list that I want to photograph: Horseshoe Bend and Antarctica
  9. Other things I like to do: golf, gardening, watch movies, eat chips
  10. Favorite food: margherita pizza!

Hope you learnt a little about myself with these crazy random facts!  make sure you drop by the blog so you can stay up to date on all things me!